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Callahan Financial Services Group is a financial firm focused on government health benefits for seniors. We are your advocate, helping you navigate the complex process of becoming eligible for Medicare and Medicaid benefits. Our Consultation is Free.

Medicare Assistance

We pride ourselves in assisting and guiding our clients in obtaining Medicare, we help select the best supplemental and prescription plan for your needs in addition to applying for state pharmacuetical assistance programs.  We have relationships with all the major carriers of these plans and can facilitate the enrollment process on your behalf.

Medicaid Consulting

We assist clients with Medicaid eligibility & approval. Medicaid qualification is a complex and often confusing process; you need someone who will speak for you. We have been that partner for hundreds of clients like you.

Why Engage in Medicaid Planning?

In short, families engage in Medicaid financial planning to ensure the best possibility of acceptance into the Medicaid program.  

-Long term care is very expensive and families want to ensure their loved ones receive the care they require which they could not otherwise afford.

-Medicaid eligibility is extremely complicated and even simple errors can result in a denial which can be devastating to the health and happiness of the applicant, their caregivers and family members.

-The application and review process is time-consuming.  Working with a Medicaid planner can accelerate this process. 

-Medicaid financial planning ensures that the healthy spouse, who lives at home, will have the financial resources to continue doing so.

Our company works with our clients in consulting or preparing the applications for Medicaid eligibility, while taking advantage of programs and planning options to protect a family's income and assets.