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Callahan Financial Services will guide you through the maze of Medicare coverage plans, as understanding and choosing the right plan is essential. We will advise you on the best Medicare plan that will fit your needs and budget. 

Medicare is made up of four parts:

Part A Hospital Insurance

Covers hospital and skilled nursing home facilities also provide for Hospice care.

Part B Medical Insurance

Covers physician visits, diagnostic test, physical therapy, lab work, durable medical equipment.

Note: Medicare will not cover the full cost of these services, some deductibles and co-payments must be met for Part A.  Medicare only covers 80% for Part B services.  There are supplemental plans that will pick up where Medicare leaves off.  Callahan Financial Services will advise you on the best program that is right for you.

Part C Medicare Advantage Plans

These are not your traditional Medicare plans. These plans are set up as an HMO & Part D plans.

Part D Prescription drug plans

These are prescription plans offered through Medicare contracted private companies.

Choosing a Part D plan is very important and making an uninformed decision may result in high monthly premiums, annual deductibles, and excessive co-pays and out of pocket cost.  Callahan Financial Services will guide you in selecting a plan that is right for you resulting in thousands saved.