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Expert Medicaid Guidance for your Loved One.

We can clear up the confusion over how to become eligible for Medicaid and ensure coverage for the cost of home healthcare, assisted living or nursing home care.  We can help you understand how to get approved for Medicaid.  We represent you and your loved ones only.

Medicaid Consulting.

The Medicaid eligibility and asset rules are complicated. At Callahan Financial Services we are thoroughly knowledgeable of the intricacies and details of these regulations. Whether your loved one is in need of Community Medicaid or Institutional Medicaid, we will guide you through the process of applying and getting approval for benefits.

We assist with the Medicaid Application:

Completing and submitting the Medicaid application itself is a daunting, complicated, and a time-consuming process, requiring patience, and knowledge of the nuances of the agency's expectations and structure.  Detailed explanations of the planning, transfers and asset trail, as well as specific calculations and document support are required. 

We have prepared, submitted and received approved decision letters for hundreds of clients. We have never received a denial on any of the applications we have filed. We are available to review the Medicaid process and answer your questions and discuss the options available to you, in a simple, non-complicated, clear and concise way.


 Call us today for free Medicaid consultation (973) 325-7500.  You'll be glad you did.