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About Us

Our company was founded because we are passionate about representing families in the often intimidating and baffling world of Medicare & Medicaid.  We have helped hundreds of clients so why stress and put your eligibility at risk, let us help you.  Give us a call today!


We will consult you on the process of applying for Medicare.   Educate you on the ins & out of Medicare, outline what you are responsible for paying and the best options to cover the gaps in Medicare.  We are contracted with all major Medicare health plan providers in New Jersey and can facilitate enrollment into an appropriate plan.  We will also assist with applying for the best Part D Prescription plan available for medications you take.  During our analysis, we will recommend various state programs offering assistance or subsidies to help pay for your benefits. We will also process these applications on your behalf for quick approval. We have connections with the various state agencies.

 Medicaid Application:

We will initiate the Medicaid applications on your behalf, and actively manage through to acceptance. Put our track record to work for you. We know the parameters of these programs, we know the state rules, we know how to guide the application process and attain successful outcomes. Our services include review ownership of assets, help with gathering documents, review all deposits and transfers paid past 60 months. Conduct all face to face interviews with state officials, prepare all forms ( Medicaid Application, Affidavits, Authorization).  Analyze all financial statements transaction-by-transaction for faster approval.

 Medicaid Exempt Financial Products:

We are knowledgeable about financial products that can convert countable assets to exempt assets; such products may include Medicaid Compliant Annuities & Funeral Trusts. If you are interested in this type of planning, we can assist.  We have a broad understanding of the financial options available to the individual and the married couple.  We can help families even in those seemingly impossible situations develop a plan so that they can receive the care they need.  Our mission is to help people who need long-term care get qualified for Medicaid.